Welcome to the Primary School

We would like to welcome you to the Primary Department of the International School Eindhoven. We aim to provide high quality education for students aged 3 – 11 years, from all nationalities. Our curriculum caters for the social, emotional, intellectual and physical development of each pupil with a focus on developing inquisitive, confident, independent and reflective learners. We also provide a secure, caring and happy environment that forms the core of the learning process. We intend to educate all of our pupils to be able to work individually and in groups, to be creative, enterprising and to show initiative; to be able to make decisions and solve problems. We teach them to communicate effectively and to have an appreciation of the aesthetic, physical and cultural dimensions of life.

We welcome to the school, pupils with a wide variety of academic abilities, confident that all will achieve their best and put to good use their different gifts and talents. Each pupil will be treated as an equally valuable member of our community. Each will be appreciated and will learn to appreciate others.

As an Independent non-denominational School, the school is a VBS (Association for Special Schools) member and is furthermore part of DIPS (Dutch International Primary Schools). The school is also an ECIS member (European Council for International Schools).

The Primary division consists of two departments: the International department and the Dutch department. For more detailed information on each department click on the appropriate link below.

International Department                                 Dutch Department
Joan Roach                                                              Daphne Dansen

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Primary School
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Secondary School
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