International Department


Welcome to the International Department of the ISE Primary Division.

Our department reflects a rich diversity of language and culture. We have about 600 students in our department from around 43 countries. Our common language is English. It is our language of instruction and we provide a strong framework to enable our students to become proficient in English. 

Our teachers also reflect our rich cultural diversity: currently native countries include Australia, England, Germany, Greece, The Netherlands, New Zealand, Peru, Poland, the Republic of Ireland, Scotland, Spain, United States of America and Wales. Their unity lies in their commitment to providing a warm, safe and secure base for our students to thrive as learners. 

The primary school has grown significantly over the last year with our dual language foundation group which caters for students aged three to four years, proving to be extremely popular.

The Curriculum in the International department is a themed-based approach, which includes enquiry-based learning. We encourage students to be: curious, creative, reflective, risk takers, questioners, problem-solvers, and deep thinkers who work collaboratively. We believe that the knowledge, skills and understanding that our students gain whilst learning enhances their knowledge and awareness of both their world and the wider world, thus preparing them for their future.

There is a strong commitment for the learning to be engaging and students are encouraged to develop resilience, independence and persistence while learning. The ISE curriculum and individual lessons are designed to extend each student’s learning and to enable them to achieve their potential.

The participation of the wider school community is acknowledged and supported by the school. The International School Eindhoven is truly unique as we encourage the active involvement of parents in our school community.  We strive to build an effective parent school partnership to enhance student achievement.

We look forward  to an exciting and successful school year and to welcoming your child at our school.

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