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01 - International Primary School Eindhoven

01 International School Eindhove
The International School Eindhoven officially started operation on 1 January 2009 and it falls under the Stichting Internationaal en Lokaal Funderend Onderwijs (SILFO), an educational foundation now on three sites. Two of the sites are Dutch national secondary schools serving the needs of the local community; these form the Stedelijk College Eindhoven (2533 students). The International School is on the Oirschotsedijk and consists of the Primary division (585 students) and the Secondary division (320 students). 


The ISE mission is to educate resilient, confident, self-motivated and creative students; who are internationally minded and accepting of individual differences; who will be inspired to develop their learning and achieve their potential.

The school vision is of a purposeful and focused learning community based on respect where all are engaged in a co-operative, challenging and enjoyable learning experience. We aim to provide a caring, supportive and positive environment where students, staff and parents feel valued, and safe.

In order to realise our mission and vision we:
  • Are open and accountable in our actions
  • Interact with honesty, fairness and open-mindedness
  • Involve students, staff and parents, as partners in the educational process
  • Provide an environment which allows our community to settle and develop a sense of belonging to our school
  • Respond sensitively to the full range of students’ individual needs
  • Provide opportunities to celebrate and respect our cultural identities
  • Foster linguistic development for cultural understanding
  • Recognise the importance of mother tongue languages and support their development
  • Value the language and culture of The Netherlands
  • Deliver the curriculum with an international perspective
  • Challenge and support students to achieve academic excellence
  • Recognise and support opportunities to develop a range of talents and skills
  • Develop critical, reflective thinkers who have the ability to make responsible choices
  • Encourage our community to appreciate and express balanced views
  • Encourage our community to become life-long learners; open to change, innovation and improvement
  • Contribute to the school, local, national and global communities
  • Maximise our external community links 
The school currently operates three programmes over the 3 to 18 age range. The Primary School uses a theme based approach, which is based on the principles of the International Primary Curriculum. The Secondary School uses the International Baccalaureate Middle Years Programme (MYP) and Diploma Programme (DP). All the curricula are designed for international students who are globally minded. The target is to align the three programmes creating one continuous curriculum. We are working on aligning practices at the various age ranges, specifically developing the independent learner. We are developing a progressive structured way through the age ranges for the different subjects.

Organisation and personnel
Currently, we have two separate structures for the school and there are different regulations and policies for primary and secondary departments. We are currently working to bring the material, organisational, financial and personnel structures of the departments together for as much as is possible. We have looked at commonalties and will start to merge functions.

Public relations
A new website for the ISE has been launched and our house style, marketing and information to parents have been aligned. We will continue to develop common standards for all our processes and documentation.

The profile of the international school in the Eindhoven region has never been higher and we are active partners in the development of the city and the region.

Importance of ISE for Eindhoven
For Brainport as a top technology-region it is necessary to attract international expatriates. The International School Eindhoven fulfils important needs not only for excellent education, but also as a cultural centre and for social contacts. We want to create a school campus where children feel challenged and supported. At the same time, our role is to support the region to attract and retain a highly educated workforce. We focus on technological innovation and environmental sustainability (for the students) and provide educational, cultural and sporting opportunities for students, parents/guardians and local families alike. Our aim is to help to integrate the expatriate families into local life in Eindhoven.

Personal attention
The advantages of international education are many. Small classes, together with a large mixture of cultures and nationalities, ensure that students settle in quickly. We then develop each child’s unique skills, giving him/her a sense of other cultures without reducing his/her own cultural identity. We help the child to become a confident world citizen who feels that he/she is able to make a difference in his/her own and others’ futures. This is done in partnership with parents.

Education, student development and the school as a learning community are at the top of our priority list. If you would like to discuss any of our ideas and aspirations then please feel free to make an appointment to arrange a visit to the school.

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International School Eindhoven
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Primary School
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